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What is Affiliate?

An affiliate is somebody who puts a link on their website to promote a site or product, and in return they are rewarded when somebody clicks that link and subsequently buys. The link can either be normal text or it can be a banner advertisement.

Do I pay to join?

No, becoming a Virtual College Affiliate is completely FREE.

We are also happy to supply you with advice and resources, and regularly work with affiliate members to develop new banners and add copy to help you make the most of your advertising.

To sign up now simply register here:

How much will I earn?

Affiliate earnings are dependent on the rate of commission for particular courses. We pay a flat rate of 15% commission based on the net value (before VAT) of a transaction.

For example:

Scenarios Net Sale Value Commission paid to you
Two people buy one Level 2 Food Hygiene self-print course each £15 £4.50 (£2.25 from each sale)
One person buys 10 Food Hygiene Level 2 courses for their staff £135 £20.25
One person buys a 17th Edition Electrical wiring course £349 £52.35
One person needs to train 100 staff in health and safety and fire safety £3,510 £526.50

(N.B. Figures correct as of 08/1/2014 - commission rates and course prices are subject to change in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Virtual College Limited Affiliate Programme.)

How easy is it to set up on my website?

Adding the code itself is simple and we will provide you with everything you need.

Do I need to follow any rules?

All you will need to do is agree to a set of terms and conditions which have been designed to protect both Virtual College and you as an Affiliate, as is standard with any kind of affiliate arrangement. To view our Terms and Conditions please click here

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

We allow affiliates to use Pay Per Click so long as the advert links to their own website. We do not allow affiliates to use PPC to link directly to the Virtual College website, however if you believe there is an opportunity to use pay per click to advertise a course please contact us to discuss exceptions.

Affiliates found to be using PPC advertising to link directly to a Virtual College property without prior permission will be immediately removed from the affiliate programme without notice.

To join the Virtual College affiliate programme simply sign up at

Full terms and conditions of joining the Virtual College Affiliate Programme can be found at: