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Virtual College - Customers

Here at Virtual College we're proud to deliver our e-learning and online training to a wide range of clients and partners across various public and private sector organisations, large and small.

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Why do they choose us?

Even when considered alongside seemingly cheaper offerings, it is the professional look and intuitive delivery that makes Virtual College courses easy to navigate, allowing the learner to focus on the task at hand. Our in house development teams ensure that every slide is as engaging as possible and relevant to the task at hand. Our modules are regularly updated to comply with changes in legislation when required, and our bespoke offerings mean that courses can be tailored to feature additional or differing content based on where it is to be delivered.

It's not just e-learning!

Virtual College don't just provide e-learning. We run an Apprenticeship e-Academy, offering recruitment tools to benefit business and applicants alike; YP Training offers Face to Face 'blended' learning solutions to help minimise time away from the job while maximising profitability through established Lean processes, and every year we organise a number of seminars and awards, such as the Lean Healthcare Conference & Awards. By creating this vital hub, professionals from across each sector can come together to share their experience and ideas not just in staff training, but in making Britain a better place for everyone.


For as long as we can remember we've been providing courses, both created in house and tailor made alongside carefully considered partners, to meet the specific needs of councils and safeguarding boards across the UK.

Currently we have over 100 councils on board, making use of our experience to deliver the highest standards of training for their staff, and much of that delivered via our E>nable Learning Management System.

Bradford Council Stockport Council Kent Council Sheffield Council
Hertfordshire Council Sunderland Council Hillingon Council Brighton Council Cornwall Council
Gloucester Council Leeds Council Bedford Council Durham Council
Rutland Council Essex Council Wiltshire Council Tameside Blackpool Council
Portsmouth Council Birmingham Council Bristol Council Cumbria Council Waltham Council
Walsall Council Devon Council Oldham Council York Council Stoke Council
Southwark Council Reading Council Colchester Council Port Talbot Council Staffordshire Council
Hereford Council Newcastle SCB Bradford Council Cheshire West Central Beds
Harrow Council New Forest Council Wakefield SCB Bradford SCB
East Sussex Council Nottingham Council Wigan Council Bournmouth Council Kirklees SCB
Oldham SCB Dudley SCB Telford SCB Littlehampton Council
Calderdale SCB Lincolnshire SCB Barnsley SCB Sheffield SCB Stockton SCB


With a team dedicated to healthcare, it's no wonder we're the choice of many NHS trusts and hospitals, including the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. As well as regular training, we work closely with medical professionals to deliver several key modules to staff and the public.

Airedale NHS Barnsley NHS Basset Law NHS Blackpool NHS
Bradford NHS Calderdale NHS Calderdale Hudd NHS
Comm Health Stockport NHS Doncaster NHS Innovation NHS Kirklees NHS Knowsley NHS
North Staffs NHS North Tyneside NHS North Yorks NHS
Nottingham Hospital NHS Nuffield NHS Sheffield NHS
South Birmingham NHS Southern Health NHS South Manchester NHS
Stockport NHS Surrey NHS Tameside NHS
University South Manc NHS Yorks Cancer NHS Yorks Humber NHS

Private Organisations:

As well as standing out in the public sector, Virtual College is recognised by companies across the UK and internationally for delivering online training materials and blended learning (As much as we love e-learning, there is no denying that some things can only be learned hands on, and for this we have a dedicated team known as YP Training, who use e-learning to improve their traditional methods). By using our LMS and the courses we provide, training costs are severely reduced and training can be tracked and managed easily and efficiently, reducing the need for paperwork and stress during audits.

Some of our valued customers are:

Accent Bradford College 24/7 Food Dialog
Camerons Greencore CocaCola