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Virtual College e-Academies

Over the years, Virtual College has been responsible for guiding a number of public and private sector organisations through the adoption of e-learning for their training needs. As the company has grown, so has our knowledge of specific service areas, allowing us to create dedicated, innovative teams that concentrate on developing and delivering training to their designated industry, using Virtual College's expertise in design and overall knowledge of developments in the e-learning sector.

Our e-Academies bring together pro-active organisations with similar training needs and works with them to generate the best solution, so you save valuable time getting the courses you need, without having to sift through potentially poor quality materials. Each Academy (with the exception of YP Training and the Apprenticeship e-Academy) uses a membership model designed specifically to meet the needs of that sector, making use of E>nable, Virtual College's Learning Management System (LMS), regularly running Face to Face sessions with guest speakers and building a community of collaborative working; sharing the knowledge between the organisations involved ensuring a quality, flexible training delivery.

If you are interested in finding out what each e-academy can do for you, click on its logo below, or you can call if you'd like to speak directly to somebody who really knows your industry

Lean Healthcare Academy

Our prestigious Lean Healthcare Academy uses the latest techniques to improve efficiency within both the Private and Public Healthcare Sectors. It's also responsible for the annual Lean Healthcare Conference and Awards. Est. 2006

Healthcare Academy

Already working in 100% of the UKs NHS trusts, the Healthcare e-Academy works closely with the Lean Healthcare Academy to bring together training experts and work alongside them in delivering effective e-learning solutions. Est. 2009

Safeguarding Children Academy

Virtual College's Safeguarding Children team was established in January 2006. Working with Safeguarding Children Boards and a number of other organisations across the country, their specially developed courses help to train people responsible for looking after children, as well as raising awareness of abuse and neglect. It also works with a number of agencies in Scotland as the Child Protection e-Academy. Est. 2006

Safeguarding Adults Academy

In 2010 the Safeguarding team expanded to develop courses that specialised in the safeguarding of vulnerable adults. Est. 2010

Trades Academy

The Trades e-Academy has been established to meet the training needs of self-employed trade workers and contractors, who don’t want to take time out of their busy schedules. As our courses are all online, they can be completed at a time and place to suit you, rather than taking time away from your job! Est. 2010

Housing Academy

Established in 2006, The Housing e-Academy is specifically structured to enhance the learning process for individuals and organisations that work within, provide support for, or are customers of the housing sector. By signing up for a membership, courses can be distributed to permanent staff and contractors. We also develop online courses aimed specifically at tenants that may require a little extra help. Est. 2006

Apprenticeships Academy

The Apprenticeship e-Academy uses tools developed by Virtual College to improve the recruitment process and free up time for assessors and students, by using e-Learning and the E>nable Learning Management System to deliver essential 'classroom' training. The wealth of expertise in the academy means it's the perfect starting point for any business, whether they’re looking to employ their first apprentice, or simply looking for tools to enhance their existing programme. Est. 2010

YP Training

YP Training was established over 10 years ago with an aim to help companies use blended learning techniques. As the years progressed the division has grown into a leading provider of Face to Face and blended learning, providing assistance to large and small businesses in adopting apprenticeships, developing and delivering LEAN and BIT training, while working with smaller companies to draw government funding, stimulating the British economy. Est. 2002

Engineering Academy

Launched in September 2007, in partnership with the EAL, the Engineering e-Academy helps to deliver online courses that can really benefit the engineering sector, such as 5S for LEAN manufacturing. Est. 2007

Tele Solutions Academy

Telesolutions is the next big innovation in healthcare, and will help to transform how we look after patients who may be housebound or need extra attention when monitoring their everyday lives. The Telesolutions e-Academy was set up in November 2010 to work alongside this new technology and deliver essential cost effective training for its users. Est. 2010

The Productives Series

Created as a joint venture with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, The Productive Series: Releasing Time To Care is a programme to help front line staff free time, reduce waste and improve efficiency, resulting in a better patient experience and significant financial savings.

All of the courses making up this suite are City & Guilds accredited and contribute towards Continued Professional Development (CPD) points.