Make administration easy

Log in to one dashboard and design tailor-made courses, including SCORM packages, documents and video. Create pre and post-learning assessments, evaluations and certificates.

Draft, publish and target content to specific learners and track all progress. Give your learners quick and easy access to all training resources and assessments.

Personalise learning

Create personalised certificates with organisation logos and branding. Assign learners to groups to help them learn collaboratively.

Set development targets for learners to aim for. Give learners their own training record with an ongoing log of their training achievements.

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Connect your learners

Roll out both face-to-face and online training with classroom management and event management. Share agendas and resources with all learners.

Let learners study in real time with virtual classrooms and video conferencing. Connect large numbers of participants across multiple locations.

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Get reports fast

See high level data using visual dashboard reports or break down into granular detail using filters. Export to a variety of formats including Excel, CSV and PDF.

Both learners and administrators can report on progress to see how they are meeting targets. Gaps in training can be quickly identified and resolved.

Reduced training costs

Make training flexible for learners without the restriction of physical premises. Reduce travel costs and time spent away from regular work.

Streamline your training and administration processes, saving time and money. Get pre-loaded courses from Virtual College’s comprehensive e-learning catalogue.

How do we know?

We’ve been pioneers in the online learning market for over 20 years and have worked with a wide range of public and private organisations.

We’ve put this expertise to use in Enable LMS, designing it to be intuitive and customisable to almost any training need.

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