Online learning is set to be one of the major business trends for the new year, with enrolment in digital training platforms growing by two per cent.

This is according to Tammy Smulders, managing director of marketing consultancy firm SCB Partners, who provided the Huffington Post with a rundown of upcoming measures likely to be seen in companies over the coming 12 months.

She stated the rising popularity of technological devices such as tablets - as well as the use of podcasts and new content sources - will help to boost interest in virtual platforms.

The expert also indicated participation in technology, entertainment and design is at record-high levels, while e-learning providers are seeing as many as 220 million people engaging in their services.

With the popularity of these offerings in mind, company leaders may want to consider how they can use them to benefit their own organisation.

Methods such as online training could be useful for employers who are struggling to find the time to roll out education to their staff. Instead of trying to squeeze classes into a busy daily schedule, managers could supply their workers with access to various modules that will enhance their development, but will not get in the way of everyday duties.

One provider they could consider turning to for help in this area is Virtual College, a West Yorkshire-based institution that offers learning in a variety of workplace issues.

Employees can sharpen up their organisational skills by taking part in modules on Principles of Personal Responsibilities and Working in a Business Environment, while they are also able to receive training in Understanding the Principles of Customer Service.

In addition, directors themselves may be able to find they can improve their knowledge of subjects relevant to them by enrolling in modules on How to Manage Working Parents and How to Recognise and Reward Your Team.