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e-learning News - April 2012

Patten University produces distance learning courses

28 April 2012

Patten University is providing e-learning courses this summer.

E-learning awards launched in Northern Ireland

27 April 2012

Dr Stephen Farry has launched the inaugural e-learning innovation awards in Northern Ireland.

University of Wisconsin-Madison innovates with e-learning

26 April 2012

E-learning is enhancing the education of University of Wisconsin-Madison students.

Virtual learning environment to help people collect debts from mentally ill

25 April 2012

BCW Group has invested in an e-learning tool to help debt collectors deal with people with mental health problems.

Online learning 'transforming education in Emirates'

23 April 2012

E-learning is making a big impact in the United Arab Emirates.

Online training course 'will help people lose visceral fat'

21 April 2012

An e-learning course will help people lose visceral fat, a nutritionist has said.

E-learning courses 'need effective management'

19 April 2012

An expert has said e-learning could be very useful in South African education.

Refugees 'inspired to study' through e-learning

19 April 2012

Refugees are being inspired with e-learning courses.

Online learning to reach Jamaican primary schools

17 April 2012

Education minister Ronald Thwaites has called on primary educators to use e-learning.

E-learning 'will complement traditional education rather than supplant it'

17 April 2012

In the future, e-learning will support classroom education, it has been said.

Online learning 'has corporate benefits'

14 April 2012

E-learning has benefits for both schools and businesses.

Vatican and Oxford to make ancient texts open for online learning

12 April 2012

The Vatican and Oxford University are collaborating to put old texts online.

Fijian educators go on e-learning course

12 April 2012

The Fiji Public Service Commission is promoting e-learning.

Online learning with social media 'could help foreign language students'

10 April 2012

An expert has made suggestions regarding how foreign language teachers can use social media.

Virtual College continues to buck the economic trend

05 April 2012

As part of its expansion, Virtual College is delighted to announce the appointment of seven new members of staff to meet the ever increasing demand for its e-learning products at this time of significant business growth for the organisation.

SFCC invests in e-learning courses

05 April 2012

SFCC has invested in e-learning courses.

Iowa lawmakers discuss online learning bills

05 April 2012

Iowa legislators are looking into online learning.

Tennessee lawmakers look into online learning

04 April 2012

Tennessee lawmakers are examining e-learning.

SSIF revamps website to support e-learning courses

03 April 2012

E-learning course facilitator SSIF has upgraded its website.


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