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Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Core

Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Core Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Core screen shotClick for page preview
Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Core screen shotClick for page preview

Overview - Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect - Core

If you come in to contact with children for long periods during the course of your work or as a volunteer this is the course for you.

Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility. You can ensure you are trained adequately in safeguarding and child protection issues in just a few hours with this online training.

This course contains all of the information in ‘An Introduction to Safeguarding’, and greatly expands on all of the included course topics in order to give those that work with children for extended timeframes the detailed information you need to safeguard the children in your care.. Essential topics covered in the course include: Understanding the types of abuse and neglect a child in your care may suffer. How you can identify the tell-tale signs. What is the correct course of action when you suspect a child is being abused or when a child or adult discloses abuse. You will also learn reliable methods of keeping accurate records.

If you come in to contact with children for short periods during the course of your work or as a volunteer you may want to consider completing An Introduction to Safeguarding.

Course Details

Lesson Plan

Key topics covered in this course include:

  • Introduction to safeguarding children / child protection
  • Physical Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Neglect
  • What to do if you suspect abuse or neglect

The course also features a comprehensive summary

What our customers have said

Very user friendly screens, facts presented in an easy to read and digest format. Pictures although graphic, helped to identify the signs of physical abuse to look out for.
JB 18/12/2013

I found the presentation to be dynamic and handled what can be a very difficult subject in a way that was matter of fact and did not beat around the bush.
MM 01/04/2014

I was able to save my progress and come back to it at a later point without having to start again.
RK 01/04/2014

The fact you can could start a section and then go back to it - you didn't need to complete the module in one sitting.
EW 01/04/2014

All modules very clear and easy to understand. Excellent options to be used during the training, glossary, print, notes etc.
PA 02/04/2014

I found the course interesting with pop up questions being delivered during the course to test your learning skills.I found the quality of the course/information to be of a high level.
DP 03/04/2014

The variety of questions and challenges was eye-catching and the information was broken up into manageable sections.
JM 07/04/2014

It gave great insight and detail into the information that was needed to understand and enhance an already existing knowledge base on the subject matter.
WW 17/04/2014

I was able to further my knowledge of child abuse
GP 27-12-2014

The combination of visual /reading material. It was concise and you could stop and start at your leisure and not have to "navigate" a path back to the point you left.
MJ 22/04/2014

I thought it was good that you had the paragraph which had everything the voiceover was saying. Some people, like myself, learn better using visual rather than audio materials, so having access to both was great.
DP 23/04/2014

I liked the interactive screens. I liked the way that there are challenges to check understanding and the visual format varies from page to page. I like the way that you can see how far you have progressed and are able to review units.
MH 28/04/2014

I enjoyed the full course online I felt much more comfortable doing this at home in my own time rather than in a classroom with other people I found it useful that someone read out all the information for me it was also helpful to go back and re-read in revision.
CR 01/05/2014

The module was very informative and provided me with the level of knowledge I require for my role.The system gave easy to understand and use instructions
TB 08/05/2014

Although it took me some time to complete, I found the content very thorough and interesting, in particular how to receive a disclosure from a child, and the communication skills used. How records kept by us are used to form the bigger picture, and the assessment at the end.
LP 09/05/2014

I loved the module was very easy and self explanatory, the best is part of the online module is that it can be done in my time.
FG 13/05/2014

Please do provide more e-learning courses for teachers/carers as not many are able to go out of home to achieve them, so it is very convenient to do it whilst at home.
SD 14/05/2014

Very easy to access, liked the way it asked me to click on images for more information because it broke down the information so that I could read and understand it better and more importantly helped me to remember the information by visualising it in my head
MA 20/05/2014

I feel this was a well put together course and one of the best I have done on safeguarding. I feel I have understood and retained this info better than ones I have attended or previous e learning.
HM 21/05/2014

I was able to further my knowledge of child abuse
GP 27/12/2014

To work at own pace and have immediate links to relevant information if people don't know what the legislation or documents contain which have been mentioned
VJ 03/01/2015

i like the fact that there was a talk through as well as sub titles and that i was given the opportunity to click on many links/sources during the module which made it even more interesting
NH 22/01/2015

I liked the fact that you have to click each part to get the next part, allowing you to digest the information in small doses rather than having a huge amount of text to read at once.
AC 12/02/2015


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