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From internship to employment

Jonathan joined the Virtual College marketing team in December 2014 on a 20 week internship. When the internship finished, he joined the team permanently as an online sales and marketing coordinator in May 2015.

How did it start?

I began my 20 week Graduate Internship within the Online Sales and Marketing department at Virtual College after going through the Bradford Council Internship Scheme devised to help post graduates find a job after university.

On the first day of the job, my first out of university, it is safe to say I was quite nervous! Luckily for me I could not have asked to begin my career in a friendlier environment, with a great Marketing team willing to offer advice whenever it was needed.

What did you do?

From day one at Virtual College I was given a taste of the type of e-learning courses that they offer and I was given the opportunity to complete the Fire Safety Training and Data Protection at Work training courses so that I immediately had a good idea of what types of products the company were selling. After this I spent some time with each member of the Marketing team to understand a bit more about what they did on a daily basis and their job as a whole. This helped me gain a better understanding of the type of Marketing that Virtual College does, as well as learning the software used to market the business in the best possible way.

My first week involved me learning more about my actual role, mainly focusing on the resellers and affiliates business sector and therefore gaining a better understanding of what this actually meant within e-learning, as well as knowing how they were both operating.

Jonathan Bailey - Virtual College

What did you learn?

After learning more about the reseller side, I was trained in how to set up new reseller websites through an internal system which would then be placed on a customer website allowing them to resell our courses. Through a lot of hard work and patience I mastered how to use this system and was therefore put in charge of creating all reseller websites from then on.

As for the affiliates sector I was tasked with designing new banners for the several courses where none existed. This meant looking at previous designs, as well as trying to conform to the Virtual College brand guidelines so that customers would instantly recognise a Virtual College banner.

What next?

At the end of my 20 week internship, there was a formal review of my performance and I was delighted to be offered a full time role as online sales and marketing coordinator. We'll see what the future holds!

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