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International Bespoke Training Project Case Study

Bespoke e-learning case study

Adopting technology-enhanced learning to deliver training transformation

Based in the Middle East, Virtual College’s government agency client had a strategic ambition to update and transform their traditional courseware delivery. This entailed a significant change from traditional instructor-led classroom training to a technology enhanced blended learning approach deployed across a large technical training institute.

One of the largest online learning projects in the world, this multi-million pound international programme involved delivery in different languages, working with and through many stakeholders and executing an e-adoption process to deliver organisation-wide training transformation.

Overcoming the challenges of a large, complex bespoke project

The sheer scale and scope of the project, for up to 3000 students, provided a major challenge. Add to this the international dimension, technical subject matter, scale of the course development and the need for a locally installed LMS solution and the complexity of the undertaking starts to become more apparent.

The overall aim was to transform traditional training delivery through a large-scale change management programme, which would embed technology enhanced learning across all parts of the organisation.

Working with and through many stakeholders with varied levels of interest, influence and authority, Virtual College was required to be highly flexible in its approach, provide innovative leading edge solutions in an agile way, which could adapt to evolving and rapidly changing priorities.

Drawing upon the best the industry can offer

From being awarded the tender, timescales were tight for Virtual College to deliver the initial pilot and then go on to undertake the second, much larger piece of work for the client.

Virtual College’s flexible partnership approach to managing the programme has been essential to its success. This is based around establishing a ‘one team’ working ethos with the client as opposed to a purely contractual relationship.

Drawing upon its extensive experience of working with subject matter experts across many and varied sectors, Virtual College has been able to take highly technical information and create highly engaging e-learning content.

With a project of this scope and magnitude, no single supplier would have had the capability or capacity to deliver all aspects of the project within the timescales required.

As such, Virtual College invested in developing a supplier framework, which attracted the very best specialisms and expertise from the e-learning sector. Virtual College assessed the applications and went through a rigorous approval process to ensure our supplier partners could meet the demands and quality expectations of not only Virtual College but also the client.

Genuine, driven, inspirational

In addition to over 500 hours of e-learning content across 20 different technical courseware areas, Virtual College has provided the client with a locally-hosted, organisation- branded learning management system, with additional functionality created to meet their particular needs. This is complemented by digital training pamphlets and additional multi-media training resources.

Supporting the deployment of the overall solution, Virtual College also provided e-adoption consultancy and advice, instructor training on the use of blended training (itutor) and support with internal changes to training policies and procedures.

To quote the client: “Ever present at the coal face was Virtual College, providing strong strategic direction that was fundamental to the success of this project. In three words, Virtual College is ‘genuine, driven and inspirational!’”

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