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Virtual College Singlehandedly Change Adaptable Travel's Opinion On Apprenticeships


We caught up with Matt Connelly from Adaptable Travel in Birmingham. We helped Matt to source a Digital Marketing apprentice for his organisation. Here he tells us more about his experience of Virtual College Apprenticeships.

What was your opinion of apprenticeships before working with Virtual College?

We have employed a few apprentices over the years, some have worked out excellently and are now longstanding and valuable employees, others have not worked out so well, so overall a little mixed.

We had moved away from the apprentice route in the last couple of years due to the quality of apprentices available declining somewhat and little support available from providers.

Virtual College made us rethink that stance due to the fantastic quality of available apprentices and a quality recruitment and support structure being in place.

How have apprentices impacted your business?

Apprentices have allowed us to grow by taking on employees to cover shortfalls. Also the nature of an apprentice role means it adds greater versatility to the workforce and makes us rethink certain ways in which we operate.

Why did you choose Virtual College as your preferred training provider?

From the start, the advice from Virtual College was very clear. They have been very proactive in meeting our (demanding) needs and ultimately provided some excellent-calibre candidates to choose from.

How has your experience with Virtual College been so far? Would you recommend us?

The experience has been excellent and made very easy by the support and guidance along the way.

Virtual College singlehandedly changed our opinion of what was possible with an apprentice scheme and is now our go-to company for apprentices.

Would you recommend taking on an apprentice to other employers? If so, why?

Yes! Apprentices allow companies to fill potential gaps in the business in a supported and cost-effective manner. Not only that, if you look after and nurture your apprentice, you have the opportunity to develop a young talent that could end up a loyal employee who knows the business intrinsically and will help propel future growth.

To find out how apprenticeships can benefit your business, get in touch: 01325 328827 or email

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