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Ilkley Moor Vaults are Prepared To Save Lives

The background

The Ilkley Moor Vaults (Or the Taps as we’re nicknamed locally) is a friendly, traditional family pub at the heart of the local community.

We serve delicious homemade pub food, beers & cask ales, as well as a wide selection of gins.

Our strong community links include Outside the Box, U3A and Ilkley Carnival.

The challenge

Pubs can be a hectic and challenging environment to work in. Although there is no statutory requirement for all members of staff to be trained in first aid, it is an invaluable skill which can be used both in and out of the workplace.

Some members of staff already had first aid training, others had none at all.

There are a number of safety risks working in a pub - particularly working in a kitchen or the bar and cellar. There are also so many customers of all ages using the pub, I feel it is very important to know that everybody is equipped to deal with an incident and provide a safe environment for staff and customers alike.

The solution

The opportunity to participate in the Save a Life scheme run by Virtual College was an ideal opportunity to refresh and improve everybody’s skills.

It was very quick to complete the course and was easy to fit into the working day. Although some members of staff were so keen they completed it at home!

As a manager, it was easy to track the team’s progress and was very user-friendly.

The results

We pledged all members of staff to participate and they had all completed within a few weeks.

Feedback from all staff was very positive. It was a good refresher for those who had some knowledge and an excellent introduction for those who had none.

It was also a useful trigger for opening up a more general discussion about dealing with these sorts of incidents.

What’s next?

We have now put up a display of all our certificates in the entrance of the pub and it has created a lot of interest and customers have been picking up cards to sign up for the free online course themselves.

This is a great initiative for Ilkley and beyond and hopefully lots more people will get involved!

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