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Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene for Supervisors
Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene for Supervisors
Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene for Supervisors
Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene for Supervisors

The Level 3 Food Hygiene online course is suitable for anyone who is involved in the management or supervision of food handlers within a in the catering industry. Also equip with the basic knowledge of how to implement an effective Food Safety Management System (HACCP).

It is recommended that all food premises should have at least one person trained to Level 3 in food hygiene and safety - particularly if they are in charge of other staff and are responsible for the training of those staff. The course is also ideal for any catering businesses who are aiming to achieve a level 5* Food Hygiene Safety Rating.

We also offer Level 3 Food Hygiene for Supervisors in: Manufacturing | Catering | Retail.

  • Meet EU/UK food handlers training requirements
  • Aimed at people working in catering or hospitality
  • Suitable for anyone who works with or handles food
  • Online, self-paced training
  • City and Guilds accredited certificate
  • CPD Accredited with instant digital certificate
  • Complete in two to three hours
  • 24 hour learner support
  • Accepted by Environmental Health Officers
  • Instant digital certificate on completion

As a business owner or supervisor, you have a duty to comply with the provisions of Regulation (EC) 852/2004 of the European Parliament on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs, the Food Safety Act 1990, and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2005.

Why take this Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene course?

This Level 3 Food Safety Course is aimed at any business striving to achieve a 5* rating under the national hygiene rating system. Boost knowledge, confidence and understanding and receive a high quality certificate, accredited by City and Guilds, to demonstrate training has taken place.

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to take responsibility for food monitoring procedures, will be able to identify food safety hazards and can contribute to improvements in food safety practices.

Who should take this course?

As a business owner or supervisor, you have a duty to comply with the provisions of Regulation (EC) 852/2004 of the European Parliament on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs, the Food Safety Act 1990, and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2005.

Level 3 food hygiene training is suitable for those who work, train or supervise others in food handling, including but not limited to, food establishment owners, restaurant managers, catering manager, café supervisor, publican / pub landlord, street food trader, school lunch time supervisors and head chefs.

Training is required for anyone who works in an environment where food is prepared or handled such as Bakery’s, restaurants, bars, fish & chip shops, food trucks, butchers, food packing plants, food production factories, schools, fast food outlets, takeaways, colleges, hospitals, hotels, B&B’s, cruises, holiday parks, hostels, guest houses and anywhere else food is being handled.

Environmental Health Officer accepted

The content of this course was developed in accordance to the Environmental Health Officer's guidelines. A Level 3 Food Hygiene Certificate demonstrates that supervisors or business owners are able to ensure that their staff are supervised and trained appropriately to handle food safely and hygienically.

E-learning content

The content of this e-learning course includes:

  • Introduction
  • Food Safety Hazards and Contamination
  • Microbiology
  • Food Borne Illnesses
  • Understanding Food Law
  • The Role of the Supervisor
  • Food Safety Management (HACCP)
  • Food Preservation
  • Food Storage and Temperature Control
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Workplace Equipment and Design
  • Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Pest Control

Training outcomes

By the end of the course learners will:

  • Understand their role in the supervision of food handlers when it comes to food safety and hygiene
  • Be able to define food safety hazards, hygiene risks and understand how they may be prevented and controlled
  • Recognise the importance of thorough preparation and cooking of food to eliminate dangerous viruses and bacteria
  • Understand how to prevent foodborne illness, and the impact of this from a personal and a legal responsibility
  • Know how to develop and maintain an effective HACCP system
  • Know how to preserve food safely and hygienically
  • Understand how to keep premises and equipment clean
  • Know how to control contamination through safe temperatures and storage
  • Know how to ensure that staff keep a good standard of personal hygiene
  • Understand how to keep the workplace hygienic and safe for food preparation, cooking and storage

Target Audience

The course is suitable for all supervisors or small business owners working in the food industry and is the ideal progression for anyone who has completed a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene course, but is now taking on further responsibilities for food safety within a business - or for anyone who just wants to know more!


This course is accredited by City & Guilds.


It is estimated that this course will take approximately eight hours to complete (depending on learning speed). The course is self-paced and progress is recorded throughout, so learners can complete the training in stages.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

Test and certificate

The course test consists of 45 multiple choice questions. Learners are required to achieve a 75% pass mark, and, if necessary, may attempt the test three times at no extra cost.

A high quality, seal embossed, certificate is sent the next working day. Our posted certificates carry an authorisation seal. The certificate should be displayed to show appropriate training has taken place.

How It Works

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an e-mail address to buy this course?

Yes, you will need an e-mail address to buy this course. This is because we use your e-mail address to create an account for you in our learning management system - where you will take the training. We also need your email address to send your purchase receipt.

If you buy more courses in future using the same e-mail address during checkout, then these will automatically be added to your system account.

If you pay by PayPal, we will use your PayPal email address to create your system account.

Can I buy this course and give it to other people?

Yes, you can buy the training using your own email address and then give it to other learners from your system account.

Each learner will need to have their own email address. This is so that we can send them a link to the training and give them their own system account.

Is there a refund policy?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your training. We offer a 30 day, no hassle, no quibble, money-back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

To request a refund, you should email our learner support team with your receipt stating why you would like to be reimbursed. You, or your learners, must not complete the training in order to make a valid refund claim.

Will the course work on a tablet or mobile phone?

We recommend using a desktop or laptop for the best learning experience. This course can also be taken on tablet and mobile devices - including iPads and iPhones.

Is a specific internet browser recommended?

For the best possible experience, we recommend learners use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 or Firefox. Please ensure there are no updates pending on your browser.

How long do learners have to complete a course?

There is no set completion time for this course. Learners can study in their own time at their own speed and may pause, leave and come back to the system to continue the training at any time.

Does the course contain sound?

Yes, this course contains sound. For those without sound on their computer or device, the narration is covered in an optional text box at the bottom of the training.

How long is a Level 3 certificate valid for?

There is no set time for how long a certificate is valid for. It is generally industry recognised that food hygiene certificates are renewed every three years. However, some employers may require you to renew your certification every year.

What is the difference between Level 1, 2 and 3 Food Safety and Hygiene?

An introductory, or Level 1 course will give you the necessary understanding of preparing food at home but is unfortunately not suitable for working directly in a food environment. A level 2 certificate ensures that food handlers know the basics when it comes to food safety and hygiene in a catering, manufacturing or retail environment. A Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene certificate is suitable for those who are responsible for the supervision of other members of staff who are handling, preparing or storing food across manufacturing, catering and retail industries.

How quickly is the certificate posted?

If completed successfully before 12:00 midnight, your Level 3 food safety and hygiene certificate will be posted the next working day.


Bulk Discounts

Bulk discounts are available on purchases of 10 or more courses.

If you wish to discuss a large individual order for this course, and/or would like to be invoiced in advance, please call our sales team on 01943 885 085 to make an enquiry.

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Customer Reviews

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Level 3 Food Campaign 1
one month ago
Still to use but had a good offer on and was able to book quick and easily.
– lewis phillips
Level 3 Food Campaign 1
7 months ago
very clean easy to understand
– Anita Kacziba
Level 3 Food Campaign 1
7 months ago
Fantastic course and easy to complete
– Jason Smith
Level 3 Food Campaign 1
8 months ago
Level 3 very good takes a while but is needed
– Teila Sheppard
Level 3 Food Campaign 1
9 months ago
Took a bit longer than predicted
– Jacqui Sparks
Level 3 Food Campaign 1
9 months ago
Good value for money,recognised and accepted nationally
– Mrs June Coghlan
Level 3 Food Campaign 1
9 months ago
When will you post to me?
– Customer
Reply from Virtual College

Good morning Sin Ying Yim Thank you for leaving your review. We can see that you successfully completed your course on 25th January and your certificate was posted yesterday by first class post. You should get your certificate today. We hope this is OK. Kind regards Virtual College

Level 3 Food Campaign 1
9 months ago
Excellent ,Certificate arrived within 1 working day.
– Kaz
Level 3 Food Campaign 1
9 months ago
Good value for money, well explained
– Customer
Level 3 Food Campaign 1
11 months ago
It does what you need it to. Dated graphics but it works.
– Customer
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