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About Virtual College

With over 2 million online learners and over 20 years’ experience providing individuals and businesses across the world with online courses, Virtual College is one of the leading providers of e-learning.

Founded in 1995, when the idea of e-learning was ahead of its time, Virtual College is today one of the leading providers of e-learning in the UK with over two million registered online learners.

Our core services include the delivery of online courses, the creation of bespoke e-learning content and the development of cutting-edge learning management software.

What does Virtual College do?

Unlike some other online training providers, Virtual College are a full-service e-learning company. This means that not only do we create many of our online courses in-house, but we also deliver these courses to learners via our Learning Management System (LMS), Enable.

In addition to e-learning content, we also develop training software (including Enable) which is used by hundreds of organisations, both inside and outside the UK.

Is Virtual College training CPD certified?

Virtual College has been proudly CPD certified for over 10 years and because of that many of our courses carry CPD certification. If you need to submit CPD hours as part of your job role, then our accredited course can be used to contribute towards your total.

What does CPD stand for?

CPD is a common acronym for 'Continuing Professional Development' and this is often used within professional sectors as a way of showing that people don't just stop learning after they leave school, college or university, but continue to invest time in training and personal development.

Some jobs roles, professional registration bodies and companies require their people to complete a set number of 'CPD hours' over the course of a year, and this can be made up of courses, seminars and practical activities.

More specific details can be found on The CPD Certification Service website:

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