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CPD training

These FAQs are designed to answer common questions about CPD training, focusing on the use of e-learning for CPD hours. Click here to browse the wide range of CPD certified courses we have available and get qualified today.

CPD training FAQs

What is CPD training?

CPD is a common acronym for 'Continuing Professional Development' and this is often used within professional sectors as a way of showing that people don't just stop learning after they leave college or university, but continue to invest time in training and personal development.

Some jobs roles, professional registration bodies and companies require their people to complete a set number of 'CPD hours' over the course of a year, and this can be made up of courses, seminars and practical activities.

Can I do a continued development course if I'm not registered?

Yes, CPD accreditation simply means that if you need to submit CPD hours as part of your job role, then the accredited course can be used to contribute towards your total. Many people see continuous training as part of their career simply because it helps them stay up to date with regulations and trends. A CPD accreditation is a good sign that a course will benefit your professional career.

My boss/ training manager/ HR team has told me I need to do continued professional training. Will this count?

We can't speak for individual businesses, however you can send the appropriate person a link to our electronic course directory, and they can see for themselves that our quality training is CPD Certified and allows you to obtain CPD points online at your own pace.

Should I keep a record of my CPD activity?

You may need to keep a record and proof of your CPD activity to submit to an employer or other professional organisation. It is possible your employer may keep a record of your CPD training too. We would recommend that you always keep your own record as it may be required in the future.

What is the best way to keep this record?

It is up to you to keep a record in a way that best suits you and the type of training you undergo to achieve your CPD requirements. By completing online training your CPD hours will be automatically recorded as part of your learner record. If you or your company use our Learning Management System to record progress of external activities you can keep notes related to CPD on here for your own records too. When you complete a course, a form can also be printed as a physical record.

How much CPD training do I need?

This depends on the individual, and their need for CPD training. It is usually between 30 and 40 hours of training per year, but if you're unsure we recommend contacting either your professional body representative, employer or The CPD Certification Service.

What can constitute as CPD?

Taken from the CPD website: "CPD material must be generic and educational. Specific brand-promoting materials are not suitable for CPD purposes. The essence of CPD is that information is expressed in a non-sales context."

This means CPD should not be training on your own companies brands or products, but training helps you develop in your career, for example, a dentist may wish to complete a course on Child Safeguarding, or 5S, to help the way they organise their office and work with other child protection services.

Is CPD a recognised qualification?

Yes. The Continuing Professional Development accreditation is essential for building your individual professional skills to develop an effective and competent way of working and being confident to achieve career aspirations. A CPD certification provides opportunities to identify knowledge gaps and commit to self-development. Organisations will recognise your professional development accreditation as personal growth and value to business.

How will I benefit from a Continued Professional Development certification?

A CPD qualification aims to keep professionals up to date with relevant training. Whether this is for personal development of your existing skills or professional growth on behalf of your organisation, continuous learning will help you to remain competent throughout your career and also demonstrate that you can take responsibility for the progression of your learning.

CPD accreditation for individual learners

For individual learners, continued professional development is crucial for expanding your existing knowledge and skill set, keeping up with the latest industry training and legislation or even for acquiring new information in a field that may be completely new to you. CPD training does not always have to be for professional use, training may be undertaken to help the individual achieve short or long term goals or even to improve understanding and competence for basic skills.

CPD accreditation for small businesses

In small businesses, CPD qualifications represent individual growth and development for staff members that will collectively bring value and innovation to the workplace. In a small business, it is crucial that employees are engaged and committed to tasks. Staff undertaking CPD accreditation are more confident in their knowledge of the role and will demonstrate more dedication within their field to apply new practices.

CPD accreditation for corporate enterprises

For corporate enterprises, CPD courses are beneficial for employees’ career progression and advancement especially for qualifying in a specified field or even preparing for a promotion. With continued Professional Development training, employers can ensure that staff are fully certified and can offer the best practise to a high standard across all activities.

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