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What is m-learning?

m-Learning is one of the latest developments in e-Learning, which takes advantage of mobile devices for learning on accessible portable platforms; ideal for people on the go or for taking your training away when you can't access a regular computer.

E-learning on a smart phone

Smart phones now make up a significant proportion of mobile phones in the UK and worldwide. As businesses start to grow outside of the office, it makes sense that training should be available to people who are on the go.

We can develop mobile learning in any number of formats, whether it be a short video that can be watched on the move, or an interactive app that utilises all of the usual functions of great e-learning such as quizzes and assessments.

Who can use mobile learning?

Like all learning and training styles, different people learn in different ways, but it's fair to say that with over 1 billion apps downloaded from the Apple store alone, mobile phones are becoming a part of everyday life. In particular, younger generations are growing up using mobile devices to access the Internet and complete tasks as part of their school and college work. In particular, apprenticeships can be part delivered using e-learning instead of having the student visit college. Using a mobile device to deliver this training means they can learn anywhere they have their phone available, so they're not restricted to afixed computer if resources are tight.

Who uses m-learning?

Mobile learning has already been adopted by a number of organisations across the world, developing short videos and documents to help with employees who are out on the road. You may have even used it yourself by using a website like Wikipedia on your phone to brush up your knowledge while waiting for a bus.

Is m-learning the future of e-learning?

Technology is always moving forward and there is no doubt that m-Learning will become a major contributing factor to education and training, but like all great developments, it's how it can work together with existing technologies that makes m-learning such an important tool. Specifically the growing use of smart phones and apps alongside a cloud based Learning Management System (like our own Enable).

Some of the advanced functions of mobile devices will soon become commonplace in work-based training, including GPS for location based training, camera functionality for documenting and uploading work into e-portfolios and augmented reality (AR) for overlaying teaching tools on real world items.

Can I create my own training materials?

If you can film a presentation, you can watch it back on your mobile. If you want to make more complex training, there are several tools available to buy, or you can work with a dedicated specialist team, like we have at Virtual College.

If you're interested in finding out more about mobile apps, on-the-go training or converting your existing materials into bite size refresher modules, contact us today on 01943 605976, or email

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