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Safeguarding children and safer recruitment in education

schedule 11th March 2013 by Alex Bateman in Safeguarding Last updated on 5th November 2018

safer recruitment

This download outlines the responsibilities of all local authorities, schools and Further Education (FE) colleges in England to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. It includes recruitment best practice and includes how to deal with allegations of abuse against members of staff, for the school, local authority, and FE education sectors.

However, it is also applicable for supply agencies to the education sector, contractors who work in education establishments responsible for under 18s, as well as other providers of education and training for those under 18 funded by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC). This guidance does not cover the new vetting and barring scheme to be introduced under the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

What does this guidance replace?

This guidance replaces:

  • Child Protection: Preventing Unsuitable People from Working with Children and Young Persons in the Education Service;
  • Criminal Records Bureau: Managing the Demand for Disclosures;
  • Safeguarding Children in Education; Safeguarding Children: Safer Recruitment and Selection in Education Settings;
  • Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Teachers and Other Staff.

It also supplants the guidance contained in Checks on Supply Teachers 2004, Circular 7/96, Use of Supply Teachers, and in the associated Guidance Notes for Teacher Employment Businesses and Agencies.

Chapter 1 provides outlines the responsibilities of local authorities, schools and FE colleges and includes details of relevant legislation.

Chapter 2 sets out the responsibilities of local authorities, schools of all kinds and FE colleges to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, including guidance on the organisational and management provisions needed to ensure children stay safe. This replaces the guidance issued in September 2004 as Safeguarding Children in Education. Annex A contains guidance and advice on safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and where to find more advice and guidance.

Chapter 3 focuses on safer recruitment and selection in educational settings. Including best practice, and other human resources procedures whilst helping in the recruitment of
candidates who possess the skills, knowledge and aptitudes to be employed, whether paid or unpaid, in the education services, will also help to discourage, rebuff or identify unsuitable candidates. It outlines all the steps in the process and describes the recruitment and vetting checks needed.

Chapter 4 sets out new and revised policy. Providing thorough guidance on the recruitment and vetting checks to be made in education settings. It also includes checks that must be undertaken and for which employees, paid or unpaid. It provides detailed guidance to support the delivery of the recruitment and selection processes set out in Chapter 3. It replaces: Child Protection: Preventing Unsuitable People from Working with Children and Young Persons in the Education Service issued in May 2002; Criminal Records Bureau: Managing the Demand for Disclosures issued in December 2002; Checks on Supply Teachers which was issued in September 2004; and Circular 7/96, Use of Supply Teachers.

Chapter 5 refers to current policy. Providing guidance on handling abuse allegations in the education service. This guidance was first issued to the education service in November 2005 and, covering the whole of the children?s workforce, it forms Appendix 5 of Working Together to Safeguard Children issued in April 2006.

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