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Expert: E-learning is becoming more popular

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Education experts have spoken out about the fact they believe e-learning is becoming more prevalent.

In a conversation with the Arizona Daily Wildcat, Zoe Cohen, lecturer for the Department of Physiology at the local university, said that she believed that budget cuts and spending slashes to education in the US have led to a new manifestation of online learning programs.

In addition, she stated, this presents a whole new set of challenges to both students and teachers.

Admitting that she is concerned about her ability to communicate with her pupils through e-learning mediums, Ms Cohen said: "I teach an online course and it takes probably three times as much effort for me to get to know my students as it does in a reasonable sized classroom. It's tough."

However, she did suggest that the new prevalence of such courses offers wider access to education.

Elsewhere, Somerset College announced it is beginning a new online programme.

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