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E-learning could expand an individual's skills set

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People who expand their skills set have a greater chance of gaining a job, it has been claimed.

Georgina Read, HR expert and co-founder of Reabur Ltd, said many employers expect individuals to have basic IT skills at the very least.

Brits that do not have much knowledge of IT may benefit from signing up to an online distance learning course to hone their skills.

Ms Read explained that a large proportion of roles are now only advertised via the web, so those who do not use the internet could even miss out on the chance to apply.

Bosses want people who are tech-savvy and those who can utilise numerous software applications, she noted.

Last week, spokeswoman for Sarah Clover, suggested people who are prepared to undertake additional training - which can be achieved via online training courses - will be seen as good value for money by their supervisors.

This could be vital given the current economic climate, as many firms may be reviewing their staffing levels, she revealed.

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