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Fast broadband 'vital for E-learning courses'

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Students who complete E-learning courses need fast broadband connections, it has been claimed.

In an interview with the Scarborough Evening News, Scalby School's network manager Jamie Marshall said online learning gives pupils the chance to send their assignments to their teachers via the web.

It also gives parents the opportunity to see what their children are up to, as well as giving them the chance to view their son or daughter's report online.

Mr Marshall explained there is also the possibility of increased community involvement too, for those who want to enrol on an online learning course in order to further their education.

"If they had a fast broadband connection at home it would allow us to do video conferencing. It could be recorded or watched live," he remarked.

Earlier this week, Martin Goodwin, executive director of Disability, Inclusion, Community, and Education suggested there is not enough choice available to disabled students in regards to their education, something which could be solved with distance learning courses.

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