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Qualified teachers 'should be used for e-learning cover'

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Only qualified teachers should be covering subjects in the classroom and on e-learning courses that they are qualified to teach, it has been suggested.

John Fairhurst, president of the Association of School and College Leaders, said kids "get a better deal" when their lessons are covered by someone who knows the topic well and they are not being taught from someone who does not have an interest in what they are teaching.

He commented: "There are some remarkable people out there that don't necessarily have the formal qualifications but can nonetheless do a good job. But it would be unusual for an unqualified person to be engaged in any long-term teaching."

According to teachers' union NASUWT, using staff without Qualified Teacher Status in the wrong circumstances is an abuse and undermines the drive to raise standards.

It claimed that the signal sent out by the coalition that Qualified Teacher Status does not matter as a result of its decision to exempt academies and free schools from employing qualified teachers.

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