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Farmers urged to carry out e-learning module

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Educational institutions looking to provide online learning courses in a bid to improve the career prospects of students could be interested in a recent development.

According to Farming UK, advisors and growers have been urged to carry out an e-learning module concerning the potato sprout suppression product Fazor.

Created by Dow AgroSciences, the substance can be used to reduce the emergence of viruses and cysts on crops, as well as suppressing sprouting in store.

As part of the course, professionals will be given information regarding the optimum conditions for use of the product in order to enjoy the most effective results.

John Sellars, marketing specialist for Dow AgroSciences, said: "The updated e-learning module ensures that advisors and users of Fazor are fully briefed and understand how to get the best results from it."

The US-based pest management company recently announced its success in the good agricultural practices category for its Responsible Application Program at the Andef Award competition.

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