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Online training through cloud computing 'could enhance business efficiency'

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Advocates of distance learning online courses might agree with a leading online solutions expert who claimed computer-based working could prove more efficient for businesses.

General manager of Easynet Connect Andy Horn claimed that moving to a cloud-based system of working, where most things are connected on remote servers and can be accessed at any time through the internet, could greatly improve efficiency.

Already intrinsic to the e-learning business, which companies often employ to deliver their training strategies, the concept may soon gain wider recognition, according to the connectivity and internet provider.

"By deploying a well thought-out cloud strategy small businesses, as well as larger companies, stand to reap the rewards," said Mr Horn.

He added that greater financial control and easy access to various applications and documents would speed up business.

Mr Horn's claims were supported in terms of employee training by's project director David Patterson.

He claimed that businesses using e-learning training stood to spend £63 per day per learner, compared to face-to-face tutoring costs of £187 per day.

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