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Learning and Training managers speak at Virtual College Seminar

schedule 26th January 2012 by Virtual College in Virtual College Last updated on 7th July 2016

Leeds discovers the benefit of e-learning Online training provider and e-learning tools developer Virtual College has recently helped businesses in Leeds by explaining the benefits of e-learning for the areas’ businesses both large and small. Joining the calendar of events for last month’s Leeds Digital Festival, Virtual College brought 15 years of e-learning experience to the Mint Hotel in Leeds to run a free seminar about how online training tools have helped businesses in the public and private sectors save money, develop staff training and convert their ageing materials into engaging up-to-the-minute media. Over 40 people registered to hear two key speakers talk about how their organisations had improved staff training procedures through a series of course developments and workplace incentive schemes. Christian McGrath from Bradford College spoke about how e-learning had improved delivery of training to over 1,700 employees, something that previously would have taken days to plan and deliver, particularly with regard to part-time workers. His talk outlined the costs associated with e-learning when compared to other bespoke training delivery and how Virtual College’s collaborative approach to course development meant their brief was achieved?. "I was delighted that Virtual College asked me to speak at the event. As somebody who is responsible for training over 1,700 staff, I have to be confident in the system and materials that I use in my role, while still adhering to budgets. By allowing us to brand their LMS (Learning Management System and co-developing new modules, we've made substantial savings in delivery over traditional training methods, allowing us to put more time into face-to-face training where it’s needed." Elizabeth Botterill, Learning and Development Manager of East North East Homes Leeds, also spoke at the event of how e-learning has helped develop staff training schedules and the process of integrating new methods alongside traditional training. "Initially we (East North East Homes) came across a bit of resistance with the new e-learning system. People didn’t see the point in additional training, and excuses like 'I don’t have time' would often arise. Of course, the reality is that e-learning is perfect for those with little time as it can be completed whenever and wherever and, after offering incentives in the early stages to get people on board, now everybody can see the benefits and is happy to log in and get involved." Virtual College offers a number of e-learning and training services including the sale of Learning Management Systems, existing material conversion and bespoke module creation. More information about the benefits of e-learning can be found on the Virtual College website along with details about how you can bring your staff training up- to- date with cost effective tools and procedures. Virtual College also has a dedicated Ilkley-based support team to handle any queries in person, which can be contacted on 01943 605976.
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