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Online learning 'has corporate benefits'

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The benefits of e-learning are not limited to educational facilities and can extend to the corporate world.

This is according to 1midea chief executive officer Ch Subba Raju, who told India-based news source that any company can utilise online learning tools to create academic content, which could then be shared throughout the organisation.

He claimed virtual learning environments can also be more cost-effective than more traditional models.

For example, updating an e-learning course is simple as it can be quickly edited, the expert pointed out.

Furthermore, the content is of a consistent quality and the costs of scaling or sharing the programme can be negligible.

Mr Raju noted e-learning courses can take advantage of technological advances to produce attractive content that is as enjoyable and accessible as a film.

However, customers will have to be willing to invest larger sums of money in these high-value online learning programmes, he declared.

Some of the examples of corporate uses for e-learning outlined in the publication included farming, wherein the content could inform a person how to carry out agricultural tasks.

The world is now moving towards a society wherein knowledge is seen as a key difference between two individuals and e-learning taps into this.

Operations manager of iProf Learning Siolutions Kanwal Arora told the news source virtual learning environments might not replace traditional school education, because they cannot provide students with skills such as teaching discipline, setting goals and providing guidance.

However, they are particularly useful for self-study and could remove this academic practice from the classroom, he added.

They can be helpful when studying after school hours, enabling learners to revise chapters or catch up with their peers at home, the specialist remarked.

Express News Service recently reported that e-learning is beginning to significantly impact the education sector in Bangalore, with online learning courses especially commonplace among young people.

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