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In-house training 'benefits both staff and employers'

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Employees all over the UK are increasingly expecting to receive in-house training at work to boost their chances of career progression in their chosen industry.

While learning new skills is undoubtedly beneficial to staff themselves, it can also bring many advantages to the organisations rolling out workplace education.

This is the suggestion of a new blog post for Training Zone, which claims in-house training is a cost-effective method of equipping workers with the knowledge they need to help the company thrive.

It explained it is less expensive working out training for each delegate rather than organising public scheduled courses - and not to mention there will not be any travel expenses to worry about.

The benefits of holding training sessions within a working environment can be heightened with online learning resources, as employees can study in a place that is familiar to them and work through material at their own pace.

It also means that if they do not reach a certain stage in the learning process, they can access the information at home in their spare time. This eases the pressure on them to take in everything as quickly as possible and makes the experience much more flexible and relaxed, making for a much more productive workforce.

The post suggested there are a number of disadvantages to in-house training, but these are problems that can be solved with a well-implemented learning management system (LMS).

For example, it claimed bosses will be tasked with extra administration to take care of, such as booking a training room, sorting out the equipment needed for a session and organising training materials.

However, having an LMS helps managers to cut down the amount of time they spend on admin, as it serves as a highly useful tracking system that lets users monitor the effectiveness of training, record and assess offline events, upload evidence of documents and data and set up training resources.

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