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E-learning useful tool for soft skills training

schedule 3 years, 7 months, 2 days ago by Virtual College in Virtual College

Soft skills are becoming increasingly prized by employers, while competition in the job market means people must do everything they can to boost their chances of landing a job.

Decision-making, commitment and communication are just three of the top soft skills valued by organisations of all shapes and sizes in many different industries.

Individuals are increasingly turning to e-learning courses to develop these soft skills, which can be honed with practice and the knowledge of how to use them properly.

A recent survey found that employers now prefer soft skills rather than technical expertise among people applying for jobs. In a highly competitive job market, anything individuals can do to steal a march on their rivals must be worth considering.

Rob Wall, Confederation of British Industry head of education and employment policy, told BBC News: "The UK is facing a growing skills gap, so we must have an education system that better prepares young people for the world of work. 

"That means not only do they need higher skills, but the character, determination and ability to communicate effectively and help forge successful careers."

The report also found that 89 per cent of British firms now regard attitudes to work and character as among the most important factor when recruiting graduates, showing individuals will have to focus on more than just their exam results if they want to secure their dream job.

E-learning is a great way for people to develop soft skills as it can fit around existing work and education commitments, with individuals able to learn at their own pace as well.

Flexibility is more important than ever for jobseekers and this is one of the most important soft skills individuals need to work on. Organisations are increasingly asking their members of staff to work flexible hours and having the adaptability to do this could be the difference between a person getting a job and being overlooked for another candidate.

Other soft skills people may want to use e-learning courses to develop include creativity, problem-solving and being able to work in a team. 

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