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Are digital skills as important as maths and English?

schedule 3 years, 2 days ago by Virtual College in Virtual College

Digital skills training should be part of the school curriculum because it is just as crucial as maths and English skills, according to a new report from the House of Lords.

Addressing the digital skills shortage that the UK is currently facing, the report - entitled Make or Break: The UK's Digital Future - urges the incoming government to put the country on the map as a global digital leader.

It highlights the fact that around 9.5 million people lack sufficient digital skills, with their education partly to blame. Not just this, but due to the rapid pace of technological change, an estimated 35 per cent of jobs in the UK are at risk of being automated in the next 20 years.

Chairman of the digital skills committee Baroness Morgan, said: "Digital is everywhere, with digital skills now seen as vital life skills. It's obvious, however, that we’re not learning the right skills to meet our future needs.

"The report makes it clear that our approach to educating people of all ages needs a radical re-think. From an early age we need to give digital literacy as much importance as numeracy and literacy."

In order to bridge the skills gap, the report recommends digital literacy to become a core subject in schools, alongside maths and English, and for the internet to become a utility that is accessible by everyone.

But one concern that arose from the proposal to make digital literacy a core subject surrounded who was going to teach it, since many teachers themselves aren't sufficiently equipped with the necessary digital skills.

This, therefore, sheds light onto the importance of training.

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