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5 ways companies can attract the best business talent

schedule 5th June 2015 by Virtual College in Virtual College

How to bring the best employees to your business.

In any business, large or small, it's important to recruit the best talent in order to boost credentials and generate profits. Employees with few skills and little motivation won't help to get the most out of your business, making it fall into a mediocre category where it'll most likely go unnoticed by potential clients. As an employer, you should strive to attract the best talent and recruit individuals who have the required skills and business acumen to see your company go from strength to strength. It's all well and good having the right talent in mind, but you're not going to attract them unless you make your business seem appealing. Why not follow these tips for bringing the best employees to your business?

Review your company's aims

When you start thinking about attracting new talent, ensure you don't make the mistake of forgetting about your existing employees. If you're hiring for a senior role, it's likely the candidate you select has come from a different company. In the midst of recruiting, it's easy to forget about those already recruited in your business and if they don't feel valued they'll soon move on. You should, therefore, aim to bring in the best talent and also work to retain your current employees. Send out a job satisfaction survey that your staff can complete anonymously. This way you'll be able to see the areas where you can improve to ensure your employees stay happy.

Find your target audience

You will know better than anyone the type of candidate you want to fill the role, but the first step is to find and attract them. This means discovering the type of websites they browse and what social networks, if any, they use. Some specialist organisations can use software to help you do this. Once established, you'll be able to post your job advertisement in the places that your target audience will see.

Create a clear job specification

You might have your target audience in mind, but in order to attract them to your business you must create a clear job specification. A job description that doesn't clearly outline the required responsibilities can give people false hope, leading to applicants that don't really match the criteria. Not only is this a waste of their time, but it will also waste your time as you sift through applications that don't fit the bill. Clearly state what the role will entail from the outset to avoid bringing in the wrong candidates.

Evaluate your company's culture

Developing your company's brand will help to ensure you stand out from competitors, making you memorable and attractive to the best talent. You can do this by communicating your company values to your employees and online, through social media platforms like Twitter. This should encourage engagement with your brand and word of mouth will help to set it on a pedestal above the rest.

Refine the interview process

You've shortlisted the best candidates on paper; now you've got to interview them. This is the most crucial stage of the application process, as you'll get a chance to see how well your prospective employee handles themselves under pressure and in a professional setting. It's important you don't rush the interview and are sure you've got the most experienced people in your company on hand to conduct it. If you get these tips right, you can feel confident that you'll bring the best talent to your business.


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