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What are the benefits of adult learning?

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Adult Learners' Week (June 13th-19th) recently took place, which means there's no better time than the present to get up and join in the celebration of lifelong learning. The annual campaign, created by the National Voice for Lifelong Learning, is in its 24th year, with 2015 marking the Festival of Learning. This incorporates thousands of events taking place across the country that anyone and everyone can get involved in, from 'have a go' learning taster sessions to national and regional award ceremonies, the festival combines learning with fun. After all, when it comes to education and learning, there really are no age or time restrictions. So if you've been thinking about boosting your knowledge and skills by taking up something new, but keep putting it off with excuses like "I'm too old", ditch your concerns and take control. Here's how adult learning can benefit you: Confidence Taking up a new course, sport or learning an instrument can work wonders for your confidence, as it encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and approach something completely new. The more you take part, the more you'll begin to feel at ease, in turn boosting your confidence levels and broadening your skillset. Not just this, but you're also bound to meet new people along the way, which will widen your social circle and give you the confidence to approach others in situations where you may not have done before. Career While you might already have a job, adult learning courses can make your career prospects sky-rocket. Learning new skills will open up opportunities that might not have been available in the past and could perhaps make you question your current role. What's more, you might finally be able to grab that career you've dreamed of having for years, but never thought you'd aspire to. Brain health When some adults leave college or university, they begin to feel a sudden yearn for learning. Retaining new information and gaining new skills helps to keep the mind and body stimulated, contributing towards a healthy brain. This could help to ward off health problems in later life, such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Happiness If your brain's not being fed new information, it's easy to feel uninspired and you'll likely become bored. Approaching new challenges can be fun and rewarding, making you feel happier in both the short and long term. Independence Acquiring new skills will give you a newfound freedom to take charge of situations and tasks that you may have had to depend on others for in the past. This means that you can take matters into your own hands independently, rather than having to rely on somebody else. You'll feel much more ready and able to handle everyday demands a lot more efficiently, all the while being a leader not a follower. Wisdom Learning new information and skills is a truly valuable experience and one that you'll be able to share with those around you. If you have young children or grandchildren, you can pass your knowledge onto them, which in turn will better help them in various situations they'll encounter throughout life. Sources: Adult Learners Week 2015
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