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Dislike of managers leads to almost half of workers leaving their job

schedule 10th September 2015 by Virtual College in Virtual College

A new survey has revealed that nearly half of employees in the UK have left a job because of a bad boss.

The research, conducted by B2B marketplace Approved Index, surveyed 1,374 employees and found that 30 per cent believed their current boss is poor at managing, 44 per cent said they disliked their boss more than the controversial television personality Katie Hopkins, and 42 per cent admitted to actually leaving their job because of a bad boss.

The industry that ranked worst for terrible managers was recruitment, with all respondents from that profession reporting to have left a job due to a poor relationship with their manager.

Other industries that scored poorly for management included travel and tourism, with 77 per cent of respondents leaving a job in this sector because of a bad boss, marketing and PR (63 per cent) and accounting (61 per cent).

Bosses working in events, fashion, entertainment, agriculture and food, architecture and security also featured in the top ten worst for management skills.

In contrast, employees working in HR considered their bosses to be the 'most trustworthy', with 94 per cent reporting this. On the other hand, those working in the real estate sector trusted their bosses the least (50 per cent).

Reasons for disliking managers included feeling overworked (40 per cent) and a lack of recognition (41 per cent).

Tribly Rajna, editor of the Approved Index, said: "The relationship between bosses and their employees is an interesting concept and it's really important to have a good working environment.

"It's something that we really pride ourselves on here so we just wanted to see how people are feeling in their jobs with their relationships with their boss."

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