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Virtual College supports the Food Standards Agency to promote safe summer food

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What menaces lie in wait behind your festival hotdog or carnival burger? Are you about to be laid low by a dodgy kebab or suffer from a summer barbeque?

The UK has an estimated one million cases of food poisoning every year. Summer is the perfect chance to enjoy food outdoors with family and friends, but the risk of getting food poisoning from Campylobacter, Listeria, Salmonella and some E. coli rises over the summer months.

New research from the Food Standards Agency provides a timely reminder to restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets to refresh their knowledge of the 4 Cs of food hygiene: chilling, cooking, cleaning and avoiding cross-contamination. Throughout the summer, Virtual College will be supporting the Food Standards Agency by sharing its advice and research findings.

Virtual College’s ‘Safe Summer Food’ campaign will provide helpful resources and advice to the food trade to minimise the incidence of food poisoning, which can have serious, and sometimes even deadly, consequences.

The Safe Summer Food campaign from Virtual College will revolve around food hygiene and include interactive quizzes, posters, infographics, statistics and articles – all freely available to anyone involved in the food trade.

Typical subjects will include:

To access some of the Safe Summer Food campaign resources, click here

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Ben Piper - Virtual College

Author: Ben Piper

Ben is a member of the Virtual College marketing team. He has a degree in economics and writes about business and education issues. In his spare time he loves food, drink and films.

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