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How to use Enable audit as a quality improvement tool

schedule 1st November 2017 by Hayley Tillotson in Virtual College Last updated on 24th April 2018

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While it goes without saying that Virtual College’s Enable audit tool will help you adhere to the 2018 GDPR’s principles, your business could also be given help, advice and training by utilizing Virtual College’s Enable Audit tool to its full extent. Compliance aside, our tool also acts as a convenient way to upskill your workforce there and then – with just a click of a button.

Enable Audit offers the following functions:

  • Individual users can self-assess themselves against pre-set competency and skills targets
  • Managers can set targets, organise reviews and arrange ongoing support all on one platform
  • Automated targets can be triggered whenever a user is below the required competency level
  • The ‘advance filter’ tool can easily arrange and manage all job roles, competencies and skills within a user’s library
  • Managers can outline initial targets for job roles based on the required competence and necessary skill level of that position
  • A manager or user admin can track an individual’s or the entire organisation’s progress with easily generated pie charts and comparative reports

A quality improvement audit

The Audit tool itself collates all of your data then showcases overall business performance and identifies gaps, giving you a clear vantage point of your overall performance – thereby presenting you with the opportunity to identify your weak links and under performing groups of employees. This then effectively becomes a quality improvement audit, as you can group these employees together in the LMS and you can then assign them training.

Upskilling your workforce

Virtual College’s talent management function allows you to improve the overall performance of your existing workforce and upskill employees who may be lacking in certain areas. The system also allows you to transform the way your business collaborates, by sharing documents and learning materials between LMS groups.

Talent tool at a glance

Our talent tool allows for ‘virtual classrooms’ to be established by creating your own groups within the LMS, it also facilitates collaboration via the ease in which you’re able to share documents. It also has the ability to transfer knowledge amongst your designated team members by setting up LMS groups – facilitating accessible knowledge transfer and easier peer to peer sharing. You can even set and rate competency levels with job roles, allowing the system to auto trigger gap-filling learning resources and activities when it detects low competency levels.

Virtual college’s Enable Audit will equip you with essential knowledge you need to become compliant. It will help you understand the expectations placed on your business, what an auditor expects from you and ensure that you are fully prepared for the upcoming GDPR changes. Sign up to our free overview courseSign up to our free overview course.

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Author: Hayley Tillotson

Hayley is a content writer in the marketing team at Virtual College. She has a degree in Journalism and writes articles, blog posts and guides on a variety of topics relating to the e-learning industry. In her spare time she enjoys swimming, reading and creative writing projects.

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