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Making the most of your trip to the Academies Show 2018

schedule 23rd March 2018 by Mandeep Kullar in Virtual College Last updated on 19th December 2018

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The Academies Show 2018 is set to be one of the education sector’s biggest ever events – so it’s important to plan your trip properly to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

Taking place on Wednesday 25th April at London’s Excel, the show will give you the opportunity to hear from inspirational heads, thinkers and leaders across the whole education sector. You will also have the opportunity to find new partners, network with over 200 leading education suppliers exhibiting on the day and mingle with around 3,000 of your colleagues in the same place. Everyone will be there for the same reason – to collaborate and work together for better outcomes for pupils.

As such, it's important for attendees to make sure they take the time to properly plan their trip, as this will ensure they don't end up missing out on anything the show has to offer.

Before the show

Set out clear priorities

You'll have a clear idea in your head of which exhibitors and seminars you can't afford to miss during the Academies Show 2018, so it's a good idea to create a list of priorities and set aside time to attend these must-see events.

Make a schedule

Some events at the Academies show 2018 take place at set times or require you to book an appointment in advance, so make sure you put together a schedule that will get you to where you want to be. If you are travelling with colleagues, work out an efficient plan of action that will allow you to cover as much ground as possible!

Arrive prepared

Getting the most out of the Academies Show 2018 might require you to do a bit of homework, so set aside some time to figure out the smartest questions to ask the various vendors and make sure you're well stocked up on business cards. Don't forget practical considerations either – bring smart clothes that are comfortable enough to withstand long days of walking, meeting and greeting, and bags that are big enough for all the promotional items you'll accumulate!

During the show

With a solid plan in place, you'll be all set for a packed day at the Academies Show 2018. Here are a few tips to make a great event even better:

  • Take advantage of the networking opportunities – there are few destinations better than the Academies Show 2018 for networking with industry leaders, so make sure your name tag is positioned prominently and introduce yourself to as many people as possible! With so many people to meet and greet, try to keep your chats concise; if you want to talk for longer, it'll always be possible to arrange a more in-depth conversation at a later point.
  • Be flexible – as important as it is to plan your day in advance, it's worth remembering that your schedule won't be set in stone. If events are delayed or moved around, don't be afraid to adapt your timetable accordingly.
  • Stay well fed and hydrated – with so much to do at the Academies Show 2018, it can be easy to forget to take a break for food and drink, but staying refreshed is vital if you're going to have a good experience, so don't neglect your own basic needs!

After the show

The doors will close at 5pm, but that doesn't necessarily mean the end of your experience:

  • Follow up with your new contacts – you'll be making valuable connections, so don't forget to stay in touch after the show. By sending a quick message or LinkedIn invitation, you can firmly establish these contacts in your professional circle, potentially creating exciting opportunities for yourself later down the line.
  • Think about how you’ll implement what you’ve learned – you will have learnt so much over the day, so if anything catches your interest at the show have a think about how it could be implemented within your organisation and what benefits it could bring.

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