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Prepared to Save a Life - Organisation Pledge

Complete the details below to register your organisation/business for your free Prepared to Save a Life course.

Thank you for registering as a business/organisation which is Prepared to Save a Life

This is how your pledge will appear on the Roll of Honour. Please review and edit as necessary.

Prepared to Save a Life - Roll of Honour

Organisation Pledge By Date No of staff Status Location

In confirming your pledge you are making a commitment to allow your staff to access the free Virtual College 'Prepared to Save a Life' e-learning module. On successful completion all learners will get a Virtual College accredited certificate and will be added to the Virtual College Community in which we may, at times, promote further training courses/resources to them. All learners will have an option to unsubscribe from the Virtual College Community at any time.

Thanks for being Prepared to Save a Life

Pledge from {0} of {1} Limited confirmed


You will get an email confirming your pledge. Over the next two working days we’ll set you up access to the number of licences that you have requested for your team.

Once we’ve set your organisation up your administrator will receive the user name and temporary password to access the system.

When they log in to the system they will then be given access to an online tutorial that will explain:

  • How to allocate the free course to other people
  • How to access the free resources that you can use to promote the initiative within your business
  • How they complete the module themselves

We’ll be in touch soon…and a final thank you from us all

How we use your information

  • First and Last Name - This name will be used as the person who made the pledge to be Prepared to Save a Life. Don’t worry, you will have the option to edit at a later stage.
  • Job Role - This helps us understand your role.
  • Email - This will be used as your username within the system.
  • Organisation Name - This is the organisation name that will be listed on the Prepared to Save a Life roll of honour.
  • Organisation Type - This allows us to track the type of organisations who are getting involved in the project.
  • Website - We’ll add this link to the roll of honour so others can see what your organisation does.
  • Number of employees/members - This allows us to allocate the right number of licences and calculate your preparedness percentage. Don’t worry if you need more, these can be allocated later.
  • Postcode - This allows us to show the Prepared to Save a Life UK coverage.
  • Are you the person who will administer the system? - In order to allocate the course to your staff, you will need a system administrator who will distribute the courses to your team. This person will be given access to an online tutorial to explain things and be provided with a set of resources (poster, infographics, guides etc. ) to help promote the initiative.
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