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Last updated: 15.06.11

Northumberland residents offered tips on food hygiene

Catering businesses working towards acquiring a basic food hygiene certificate could be interested in advice from Northumberland County Council.

As part of the Food Standards Agency's (FSA's) Food Safety Week, the local authority provided a series of useful tips to residents about the importance of cleanliness in the kitchen.

Individuals living in the county were urged to make simple changes to the way they cook food in a bid to reduce the risk of contracting food poisoning.

Council officials have highlighted the importance of considering the 'four Cs' - cleaning, cooking, cross contamination and chilling - when preparing family meals.

As part of the campaign, the FSA aimed to educate and advise members of the public about the dangers associated with poor hygiene standards when cooking at home.

Research conducted by the organisation in the build up to Food Safety Week revealed that 57 per cent of people believed they were able to tell if food was safe to eat by its appearance or smell.

However, the FSA has warned respondents that this is not the case, as dangerous bacteria such as E.coli are undetectable by the human eye.