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Last updated: 01.12.18

Prepared to Save A Life - Our First Mechanic

What is your name?

Allen Ord

What Is Your Job Role?

Motor Mechanic 

About you and what you do – tell us a little about yourself.

I am a partner in a small business – a garage workshop based in Keighley, West Yorkshire.

Why did you sign up to do the ‘Prepared to Save a Life’ course?

My wife did the course, and I could see the benefits of knowing what to do if an emergency should arise. It didn’t take her long, and she got a real sense of achievement on completion. I watched the promotional video and decided that we both needed to know what to do in an emergency situation for the sake of family and friends, so I registered myself online that same evening.

What do you think about the solution now that you have successfully completed the course?

I cannot see why anyone would not want to do it. Done at home with no pressures, and I could go back if I got things wrong in the quiz, till I fully understood and then passed. A safe environment in which to practice. I felt a bit pressured in the quiz.. with it being timed, but then you would be pressured if in an emergency in real life. The only difference being that I could re-do it in the programme, you may not get a second chance in real life!

Given Prepared to Save a Life’s mission to have a life saver on every street corner – an ambitious target of 250,000 learners trained within the first year – how can you help spread the message?

I will display my certificate in my garage workshop, along with an awareness poster which we downloaded from the Prepared to Save a Life website and printed off.  /prepared/resources