Last updated: 25.09.13

'All employees' should be offered business training

Employers must offer training to all members of staff within their organisation, and not just those who have been with the company for a long period of time.

This is the advice of Nicholas Roi, managing director of talent management software firm SilkRoad, who claimed in a post for Training Zone that remote workers should be factored into a business' training plans.

He pointed out that staff and clients are more dispersed than ever before in modern society, as an increasing number of organisations view it as prohibitive to have all employees in the office each day.

"Companies are starting to catch on to the fact that to retain talent and improve business performance, they must rebuild remote working policies into corporate structure," Mr Roi explained.

The expert said HR teams could begin rolling out training through software-as-a-service platforms, as these allow them to run effective analysis and generate reports online.

While only half of staff learning and development is currently conducted via the internet, this is likely to soar over the next five years, according to Mr Roi.

Therefore, it might be worth firms seeking the assistance of training providers that can equip them with the web materials they need to boost business performance.

Tools that will be increasingly used to equip workers with more skills include social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. These platforms have already been used to complement existing learning programmes, but in future they could become effective training resources in their own right.

Mr Roi stated the biggest mistake HR departments can make after buying new technology is to fail to include the wider business in its implementation.

"Engaging staff to improve productivity is critical to achieving your corporate goals, whatever they are," he added.