Last updated: 21.01.12

Anywhere Working Consortium launches online aide for businesses

An online portal has been launched by the Anywhere Working Consortium to help UK businesses adopt more flexible working solutions as well as training exercises.

Employers and employees will both be able to use the e-learning platform for training, guidance, case studies relevant to their business practices and also to view products offered by the consortium.

Current members of the organisation include Business in the Community, Microsoft, Nokia, Nuffield, Regus and Vodafone UK.

Transport minister Norman Baker unveiled plans for the consortium in November last year in a bid to gain the support and communication of 30,000 companies for this new way of distance working.

Mr Baker said: "It's simply not necessary for us to always trudge to and from meetings when modern technology allows you to circumnavigate the globe virtually from the comfort of your front room, local coffee shop or when you're on the move."

He added that new technologies provide a way to share information that can be accessed by all people within a business. The information could be used for ongoing support and to provide information about? how a job should be done.

"Working flexibly by using video conferences, webinars or cloud computing can help increase productivity as well as employee wellbeing, not to mention dramatically reducing our carbon footprint," Mr Baker commented.

Driving productivity and better business practices is the main aim of the consortium, according to the MP.

The initiative is also supported by the Department for Transport, Transport for London and the Trades Union Congress.

Additionally, Mr Baker explained that the online portal will help businesses to further understand the benefits of flexible working and training.

Online computer systems such as e-learning platforms are a significant factor in the success of businesses looking to recruit new talent, according to Neil Richards, European mainframe director at Compuware, a provider of IT software.

He explained that technologies can help small to medium-sized businesses adapt to a more flexible and efficient way of working and that this will boost the level of communication between staff and bosses.