Last updated: 17.01.18

Learning Technologies 2018: conferences you don’t want to miss

Europe’s leading L&D exhibition and conference, Learning Technologies 2018, is almost here. With more than 8,000 visitors, 200 exhibitors, 150 free L&D seminars and over 70 conference speakers, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the opportunities available. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the five Learning Technologies conferences you really don’t want to miss, based on the four crucial e-learning themes you should look out for.

If you haven’t registered for the exhibition yet, head to the website to fill in your details so you can access the event and free seminars. To access the conference sessions, you’ll also need to book your place (now at a 15% discount).

January 31

09:30 Conference Room 1 – Emerging technologies: how advances in science and technology could transform the ways we live, work and learn

The first conference we’d suggest is the keynote session on January 31, kicking off a day full of exciting discussions. Although the keynote sessions are fully booked, you can still watch them via a live video link from conference rooms 2 and 3 so you don’t miss out. During this session, Rohit Talway will explore the implications of advances in technology and science, and how both will have a large impact on our everyday lives. This conference will set the scene of new or upcoming technologies and how we can best utilise them to improve the way we all learn.

13:50 Conference Room 1 – Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) offer exciting opportunities to enhance our current learning environments, but are the time and costs spent invested in this technology worth it? Peter Daukintis and Ron Edwards will weigh in, discussing the kit, skills and hardware needed to get the most benefit out of mixed reality learning.

15:30 Conference Room 2 – Video for learning

Video-based training isn’t exactly new, however, it’s come to be seen as a quicker, more accessible option to traditional e-learning. In this session Ant Pugh discusses ways to create and deliver high-impact content using video and interactive video – a key trend for 2018 – whilst Matthew Day leads a discussion on the ins and outs of content production from start to finish.

February 1

11:10 Conference Room 3 – Microlearning

With bite-sized content continuing to dominate the media and the popularity of mobile devices on the rise, it’s fairly safe to say that microlearning is firmly here to stay. But how can you ensure your microlearning content will successfully support your learning initiatives? Shannon Tipton leads this conference to discuss how you can create ‘just-in-time’ learning content that makes an impact.

15:30 Conference Room 4 – Games and learning

Gamification is a trend that can be tricky to get right, but when done well, training can be much more engaging and immersive. In this session, Michael Sutton discusses the science behind game-based learning and shares his insights on how aspects of gaming itself, such as decision making, consequences, curiosity and feedback, can all be used together to create training which engages as well as educates.

During the exhibition, there will also be a variety of other activities to check out, such as networking sessions, exhibitor stands and even a range of free seminars. In fact, Virtual College are offering a free seminar called ‘Creating change: a behaviour based game’ in partnership with EEF, so why not pop along to Theatre 2 at 11am on January 31?

You can also visit Virtual College at any point during the exhibition on Stand E6 and keep up-to-date with our Learning Technologies 2018 experience by following #LT18UK on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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