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Last updated: 12.10.12

Crimestoppers supports e-learning platform to combat human trafficking

Crimestoppers has backed a new online learning scheme that seeks to educate both people in the workplace and the general public on the importance of recognising human trafficking.

As part of a collaboration with the Sheffield College and anti-trafficking specialist Nick Kinsella, an online course entitled Human Trafficking Uncovered (HTU) is due to roll out next year.

It will be launched in line with an EU project coming into effect in April alongside other organisations with the same goal of cutting crimes relating to human trafficking.

The directive requires that all professionals who are likely to come into contact with offenders or victims in sphere of human trafficking are fully trained to deal with the situation.

Rodger Holden, director of business development at Crimestoppers, commented that the online programme will go "a long way" in helping to improve awareness of how the public can challenge trafficking.

He said: "We will be launching a human trafficking campaign later this year so this online course offers a unique opportunity to help educate the UK public about this crime."

The Sheffield College in South Yorkshire will be responsible for providing the course, building upon its award-winning reputation for offering students virtual learning courses nationally and internationally.

Its HTU training programme aims to provide professionals, businesses and the general public with the practical skills required to notice and react appropriately to a victim of trafficking, as well as how to take action against those committing the offence.

Using a modular structure, the programme will use the knowledge of renowned specialists with experience of combating human trafficking to equip employers with the necessary skills to train their staff on the subject.

According to Mr Kinsella, people think of the issue as something that only occurs abroad but that in reality, it could be happening in any street or local community.

"This course helps to dispel some myths on this subject including that UK nationals are not trafficked - they are," he added.