Last updated: 30.05.12

E-learning scheme for Jersey schools revealed

A new online learning initiative has been unveiled on the island of Jersey.

Computer clubs will initially open at Jersey College for Girls, Haute Ballee, Le Rocquier and Hautlieu through the pilot phase of the project.

Students will take advantage of cloud computing technology and shall be advised by a number of IT professionals.

According to Isle News, Jersey's education, sports and culture e-safety and e-learning manager Jon Tarrant described the initiative as "exciting".

He explained that businesses have been calling for this type of scheme in the area and argued it is "fantastic" local companies are helping in the project.

It is assisting young members of the community that wish to explore computing and information technology (IT) in "more depth", the e-learning specialist continued.

He noted authorities are in conversation with the British Computer Society in Jersey to discover new ways to support IT-based education in the future.

"The enthusiasm that exists both in schools and in the local community for developing IT skills is truly inspiring," Mr Tarrant told the news source.

One of these computing clubs will focus on programming, with mentorship provided by Jersey-based software specialists Simon Brown, Christos Valerkou and John Hollis.

Participants in these clubs will take part in 12 sessions, which will investigate issues such as bug detection and resolution, creating items or moving objects.

When the pilot phase of the digital learning scheme concludes, a contest is to be held which will identify the best game made as a result of the course.

The winning school will be presented with 20 Raspberry Pi computers.

Assistant minister for education Rod Bryans said it is "very refreshing" to see local businesses working with schools and providing them with services and time.

"I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of the pilot programming challenge during the summer term," the politician added.