Last updated: 29.11.10

E-learning 'the future of business'

Businesses need to look to the future in terms of online training courses, it has been claimed.

An article on Training Zone explains that now is the revolution and return of e-learning - and to move with the times, companies must work with their staff to establish a pattern of distance learning courses.

"Its interactive, accessible and intuitive content is increasingly a key strategic component of any IT decision allowing companies to embrace and make full use of their latest piece of technology and driving a more educated approach to IT," the piece states.

As such, the IT departments of every enterprise needs to work out whether e-learning can be worked into its facilities and how it can be used to both further train and better their staff and potential recruits, the news source concludes.

Elsewhere, the Hartford Courant reported the Avon library in Connecticut is giving its users all sorts of e-learning opportunities through its brand new network.