Last updated: 22.06.12

E-learning tools 'used by many schools in UK'

Online learning is increasingly being used in schools across the UK, a specialist has said. Senior education consultant at RM Education Kat Howard pointed out the majority of youngsters starting off in academia have web-connected technological tools "at their fingertips and in their pockets". Teachers can "add value" to their pupil's education by utilising these resources both outside and inside the classroom, she added. Recent research performed by RM Education revealed 75 per cent of parents want to become more involved in their child's learning. Online training in web safety was also considered a significant issue for children to be educated in by 68 per cent of respondents. Furthermore, 72 per cent of respondents said it is of "great importance" that academic pursuits are fun, with another 25 per cent claiming this is of "some importance". A huge number of e-learning tools could help caregivers to entertain children while they learn, with Ms Howard noting a wide range of products are around that can make academia more enjoyable. Many mothers and fathers spend time considering what they should buy for their children and "don't want to just buy them a Barbie doll", she pointed out. Rather, adults wish to "enrich" the education of children and make youngsters enjoy acquiring knowledge "without even realising it", the expert added. The increased value parents can provide to their sons' and daughters' learning outside of the classroom is increasingly being brought to their attention, she argued. Virtual learning environments could also be useful for parents who have children with learning difficulties. "I think parents are aware of a great many more things than they were when I was young," Ms Howard declared, highlighting autism, dyspraxia and dyslexia as some of the issues mothers and fathers are beginning to become informed about. She claimed it is important that caregivers work alongside educational practitioners to ensure individuals with these special needs are guided and supported in the right way.