Last updated: 15.02.11

E-learning training to improve health visitors?

Distance learning courses are apparently being considered as a means of improving training in the health visitor profession.

Health minister Anne Milton has denied that the flexibility offered by e-learning techniques would threaten working standards, the Nursing Times reports.

She commented that it has recently been hard to make a living in this particular field, explaining that some people's careers have left them demoralised and overworked.

However, Ms Milton stressed that with the Health Visitor Implementation Plan, the government is committed to ensuring communities have skilled sets of workers who can be looked upon as leaders.

"The really important thing for people in the profession and people who have left the profession is this is a demonstration, a really clear, unequivocal message from government that we want health visitors," she said.

Last week, academy workforce education and development adviser Linda King told the Sentinel that online training methods have been utilised at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire so that nurses do not have to book time off work to further skills.