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Last updated: 23.05.18

Embedding brand values through leadership training

Many organisations have recently realised the significance of brand values and have established them within their identity. However, they’re not proactively embedding them within their culture – meaning they have no real effect on how the business or staff operates.

What are brand values?

Organisational values are one of the most important parts of a brand identity. The foundation which helps to define what the organisation stands for and how everyone works together to achieve the required results.

However, although values are integrated as part of the organisation’s identity, they can only be fulfilled and promoted by staff who ‘live them’ as part of their everyday role.

Why should your organisation have them?

Just because your organisation has a set of values in place, doesn’t mean they’re being used. In fact, poor understanding of organisational values or values which conflict with personal values create poor business performance. This, in turn, can negatively impact the quality of deliverables or services, as well as overall financial performance.

Managers and leaders who are aware of organisational values and promote them through their behaviour help to integrate them into the organisation as part of the culture. However, a frequent error made by organisations is to treat values as part of an internal branding exercise, instead of designing a way to consistently embed the values amongst the staff. This can be easily achieved by implementing relevant, ongoing training.

How to embed them through training

Values can be embedded through a broad onboarding process which includes relevant online training. As online training is so versatile, you can offer your staff a variety of different ways to engage with your organisation’s values. These include:

  • talking-head videos detailing examples of how other employees have promoted the values
  • scenario-based simulations which enable employees to act out various situations utilising the values
  • short quizzes which track employee knowledge of the values at regular intervals
  • bite-sized refresher courses to help employees brush up on their knowledge when required
  • However, although implementing online training might help in the short term, in order to fully embed your values as a long-term solution, the training needs to be more than just a one-time exercise. It should be available to employees whenever they need it and utilised by management regularly, to ensure they’re continually promoting the values within the organisation so they can lead by example.

    How can Virtual College help?

    Virtual College has a range of off-the-shelf e-learning courses for leadership and management, which you can start utilising straight away in order to train your managers and leaders on the values you want your business to portray and the behaviours you want them to promote.

    If you’d prefer to make the training more relevant to your organisation, Virtual College also offer a range of bespoke and custom e-learning solutions. Developing custom training based on your organisation’s brand values can ensure the values are replicated in the content, design, and look and feel – helping put the values in context, enabling staff to retain the information more easily and helping to create a powerful, unified message.

    For more information on the bespoke and custom e-learning services Virtual College provides, contact Mandeep.Kullar who will be happy to assist