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Last updated: 11.01.13

Fashion Retail Academy improves access to e-learning

Fashion Retail Academy has upgraded its wireless internet network in order to meet the demands of the increasing number of students who want to access online learning from their handsets or computers.

The new wifi system is able to support around 1,000 web-connected devices at any one time, which means the London-based institution's 700 pupils can access its digital services via their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Networks First - the specialist used to converge the infrastructure - undertook a site survey assessing the various signal and access points around the college in order to design an optimum network for students and the firm is also currently monitoring the system as a managed service.

Brendan Kearney, senior manager of IT systems and e-learning at the academy, said the updated platform provides young people with the ability to access the college's online learning materials using their own network credentials to authenticate the connection, which takes the pressure off the IT helpdesk and improves accessibility.

He continued: "We're a small internal team and so the involvement of Networks First as an extra pair of hands in assessing the network, upgrading the academy and then working alongside us managing this aspect of the network and the security is invaluable to my team."

Moving forward, Fashion Retail Academy is hoping to offer guests from partner companies who come in to support the courses their own e-learning network login, which is likely to give them better access to the college's resources and lessen the burden for IT staff.

This could be something that business leaders take into consideration, as by upgrading their own wifi network and increasing the availability of any online learning materials, they are freeing up more time in an otherwise packed schedule.

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