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Fish and Chips quiz - the answers

Thank you for taking our Fish and Chips quiz. If you would like to see the answers and find out more interesting facts around the history of Fish and Chips then look below.  Not taken the quiz yet? Click here to try.

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Question 1.

In what year is it first reported that Fish and Chips were served as a dish?

  • Answer: C - 1860

It is thought that the first Fish and Chip shop opened in the 1860's with the meal becoming popular once railways were developed to transport the fresh fish.

Question 2.

Where was the first reported location that Fish and Chips were sold?

  • Answer: C - The origin is still disputed, I'll say both

It is disputed that Joseph Malin opened the first shop in London but other sources say Mr Lees started selling in Mossley a couple of years earlier.

Question 3.

In what decade did Fish and Chips stop being sold in newspaper?

  • Answer: A - 1980's

It was ruled unsafe for ink to be in direct contact with food but you can wrap the meal in a layer of greaseproof paper and then newspaper over the top. It is hard to find a chip shop still serving the nation's fourth favourite takeaway in newspaper these days.


Question 4.

In which city was the longest running Fish and Chip shop located?

  • Answer: A - Leeds

Aptly named 'The Oldest Fish and Chip Shop in the World' it was thought to be longest running Fish and Chip takeaway before the doors were closed for one final time in 2016.

Question 5.

What is the record for the number of Fish and Chip portions sold in a single day?

  • Answer: A - 12,406

The record has stood for some time though with Marini's in Glasgow pushing out the meals in 1999. Amazingly they served 8.5 portions a minute spread over 24 hours.

Fish and Chips

Question 6.

In Belgium what do they eat their Fish and Chips with?

  • Answer: C - Mayonnaise

Not often seen in the UK mayonniase is the surprising accompaniment with the dish.

Question 7.

Approximately how many Fish and Chip shops are there in the UK?

  • Answer: A - 10,500

That's a lot of venues to be selling the dish! Miller's Fish and Chips in Haxby, North Yorkshire,  took the crown for Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Award in 2018.

Question 8.

What percentage of people like their Fish and Chips with a sprinkle of vinegar?

  • Answer: A - 41%

The most popular accompaniment with the meal with the UK's most popular brand starting in 1794.

How did you do?

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