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Food for Thought - How Sustainable and Environmentally Ethical is your Food Business

Thank you for taking our sustainbility quiz. If you’d like to improve your businesses sustainability or confirm you are environmentally ethical take a look at our answers below.
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Do you ask about allergies before you order?

Question 1.

When preparing food, what is your approach to creating portions?

  • Answer: A - I judge each portion by eye so they’re roughly the same - 3 points
  • Answer: C - I carefully measure each portion according to need - 5 points

Question 2.

How do you manage your food inventory?

  • Answer: A - I keep a detailed log of what comes in and out and how long it’s been stored for - 5 points
  • Answer: B - I just keep an eye on what’s in storage, and do an occasional clear-out - 3 points

Question 3.

What do you do with any food waste?

  • Answer: B - I compost food waste on site - 5 points
  • Answer: C - I throw it in a dedicated food bin for collection - 3 points

Question 4.

When sourcing produce and food suppliers do you:

  • Answer: A - Base your decision on the best quality you can get, and local if possible - 3 points
  • Answer: C - Always go with local suppliers to reduce transport needs - 5 points

Question 5.

When choosing which food and produce supplier to go with, do you:

  • Answer: B - Go with the supplier with the most sustainable and environmentally efficient policies - 5 points
  • Answer: C - Choose a supplier who produce the best quality, with food sustainability practices as a second priority - 3 points

Question 6.

When creating or providing food packaging or utensils, do you:

  • Answer: A - Make sure to only use recyled or tecyclable materials, and avoid plastic - 5 points
  • Answer: C - Prioritise aesthetics and usability, but also consider sustainability if possible - 3 points

Question 7.

When approaching staff food handling training, do you:

  • Answer: A - Enforce rigorous food hygiene routines - 5 points
  • Answer: B - Make sure they follow some basic rules - 3 points

Question 8.

How much food waste do you think the UK produces each year?

  • Answer: B - 2 million tonnes - 3 points
  • Answer: C - 10 million tonnes - 5 points

Question 9.

When it comes to your business' reputation, how important is sustainability and environmental ethics?

  • Answer: B - It's just as important to our customers and quality and good service - 5 points
  • Answer: C - It can help to show that you're responsible, but it's not essential - 3 points

Question 10.

How much of an effect do you think food waste has on man-made climate change?

  • Answer: A - Four times as much greenhouse emissions as aviation - 5 points
  • Answer: C - About the same as road transport emissions - 3 points

How did you do?

Find out your sustainability score with our ranking.

  • Scored 38 or higher? - Congratulations! You’re making sustainability a top business priority, and you’re aware of the huge effect food waste is having on the environment.
  • Scored between 25 and 37? Well done! You’re making good efforts to make your food business sustainable and environmentally ethical, and you’ve got a good grasp of the importance of food waste.
  • Scored 24 or lower? It seems there’s a lot more you could be doing to make sustainability and food waste management a business priority. You should really find out more about how much of an impact food waste is having on the environment, and how it adversely affects your business.
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