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Summer of Food Safety

Virtual College’s ‘Safe Summer Food’ campaign aims to provide helpful resources and advice to minimise the incidence of food poisoning, which can have serious, and sometimes even deadly, consequences.


Summer Food Hygiene - free e-cards

The Food Standards Agency have produced five helpful e-cards full of top tips to help you avoid the risk of becoming unwell when eating outdoors.

Download FSA e-Cards

Food hygiene posters

Food allergens poster

14 main food allergens poster

14 main food allergens to be aware of when preparing food.

Download Poster
Food Allergy Symptoms

Food allergy symptoms poster

The mild and severe symptoms of a food allergy

Download Poster
Hygiene inspection checklist poster

Hygiene inspection checklist poster

Full checklist of criteria for passing your hygiene inspection.

Download Poster

Safe summer food - free infographic

Make safe summer food with The Food Standards Agency's eight easy steps from advice on not overloading the BBQ and how long to leave food out for.

Download FSA infographic

Test your food hygiene knowledge with our free food hygiene quiz

Do you know what happens to bacteria when food is frozen? What about the date marks required by food law in the UK?

See if you have the food hygiene knowledge to take on our beardy quizmaster and beat the ultimate food hygiene quiz.

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Food safety resource graphics

Free e-cards - Great for sharing!

These food hygiene e-cards are great for sharing by email or social media.

The cards in this downloadable pack include tips on pest control measures, reliable waste management and appropriate staff training.

Download e-Cards

Get ready to grill safely!

This is a useful resource for those of you who love barbeques.

This infographic explains the separation, chilling, cleaning, cooking and refrigeration process to ensure you follow good food safety practices this summer!

Download Infographic
Grill safety this summer

Handy infographics

5 Keys to Food Safety

5 Keys to Food Safety

The 5 key ways to ensure food safety

Download Infographic
Handwashing infographic image

Effective handwashing

The 7 steps to effective hand hygiene

Download Infographic
What food hygiene course do you need?

Food hygiene training

What food hygiene course do you need?

Download Infographic

Test your food allergy knowledge

See if you have the food allergy knowledge to take on our beardy quizmaster and beat the ultimate food allergy quiz.


We are delighted that Virtual College have actively promoted our advice around safe summer food to their learners. It is great to see a training provider sharing helpful resources to help improve awareness of the 4 Cs of food hygiene: chilling, cooking, cleaning and avoiding cross-contamination.

Food Standards Agency spokesperson

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