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Free online courses & e-learning training

Virtual College has produced a range of free online training courses in subjects such as Safeguarding Children, Health and Well-Being and Careers Advice. Here is a selection of some of the most popular free online elearning courses we offer. We're proud to offer free courses online with certificates which you can download and print for your records. Our free e-learning courses and free training courses are available to start straight away and you can learn anytime, anywhere.


An Introduction to GDPR

On 25 May 2018 the Data Protection Act 1998 was replaced by a new piece of legislation called the EU General Data Protection Regulation (better known as the GDPR). This free overview explains the changes that you need to be aware of as a business owner.

Prepared to Save A Life

Our Prepared to Save a Life course takes less than an hour, just five short 10 minute sections and you might be able to save someone's life! ….a friend, work colleague, mother, father, brother, sister, child…might thank you one day.


Understanding Young Minds

We have worked in partnership with SelfharmUK to create a free online course to help parents talk about the issue of self-harm with their children. Spotting the signs can be difficult, and approaching the subject can be uncomfortable. This course aims to provide a basic awareness of the subject to help you approach your children with confidence.

Female Genital Mutilation

A recent study revealed that 137,000 women in England and Wales are estimated to be living with the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). To address this issue, the Home Office and Virtual College have launched this free online FGM training.


Keep Them Safe: Protecting Children from CSE

Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) and Virtual College teamed up to provide this short online course designed to equip parents and carers with the knowledge to protect children against sexual exploitation.

Awareness of Forced Marriage

This free safeguarding course aims to raise awareness of forced marriage and help professionals who have a responsibility to safeguard vulnerable children, young people and adults. It explores the warning signs of forced marriage and the right actions to take to help protect potential victims.


Awareness of Type 1 Diabetes

Virtual College has worked with JDRF to create a free course to give professionals a basic understanding of type 1 diabetes. Using a school as the setting, the free course follows a number of students with the autoimmune condition through their daily lives

Personal and Professional Development: Dealing with Stressful Situations

This free online course provides helpful and reassuring insights and advice about stress and ways to deal with stressful situations. Our course explores what stress is and provides you with advice, tools and techniques that will help you deal with it.


Personal and Professional Development: Growth Mindset

This free online growth mindset course is perfect for anyone who wishes to learn about the subject and is curious to discover how to develop a growth mindset themselves. The course covers topics such as an overview of what a mindset is, how to encourage a growth mindset, the learning zone and the performance zone and how to develop your own mindset.

Personal and Professional Development: Neuroscience for Personal Development

Our free online course explores the links between neuroscience and learning, and how they can benefit our personal development. This course covers topics such as neural networks and neuroplasticity, attention, memory and neurogenesis, holistic learning and how it impacts personal development and limitations to learning and the implications for learning.


Personal and Professional Development: Personal Development and Self-Awareness

This free online course explores the necessity of personal development, how to go about it, and the important role that self-awareness plays. This course topics such as SMART objectives, action planning, what is self-awareness and why is it important, self-awareness theory and how to apply self-awareness.

Personal and Professional Development: Resilience

Resilience is a fantastic tool to have in life. Our free course shines a light on this important skill, explaining what it is, why it is important, and how you can improve your own.


Learning from Serious Case Reviews Level 1 to 4

This Learning from SCR course will equip all those who come into contact with children with the knowledge and understanding they need to respond to neglect, abuse and extra-familiar harm to help prevent future serious child safeguarding incidents.

Get Moving, Get Healthy

Regular participation in physical activities can make you happier and reduce your risk of diseases like diabetes. This free course covers the health benefits of physical activity, how much you should be doing, the importance of diet and how you can incorporate exercise into your lifestyle


Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes

This free safeguarding course has been designed to help frontline staff understand the link between family abuse and animal abuse, and is aimed at all professionals who have a responsibility to safeguard vulnerable children, young people and adults at risk


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